AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-14path: exit with error if outside /x/something pathHEADmasterkvik
2020-06-14path: run cleanname(1) on a path to ease parsingkvik
2020-05-30x/man: don't convert spaces to tabskvik
2020-05-04New command prototype x/shkvik
2020-04-14Factor out the usage fn into lib.rc; convert scriptskvik
2020-04-14Install to /bin; use new %.install targetkvik
2020-04-14Prevent installing without explicit mk installkvik
2020-04-14A single title per invocation is allowedkvik
2020-04-14Add and document the new -b option to x/mankvik
2020-02-15Add x/mankvik
2019-11-10x/run: remove needless loop invariant kvik
2019-11-10x/run: feed the commands to remote host over ssh stdinkvik
2019-09-19x/run: enable passing flags to the shellkvik
2019-09-02x/path: have -l output something even if passed a non-pathkvik
2019-09-02x/path: don't hardcode /x/ rooted pathskvik
2019-09-02x/mnt: enable passing /x paths to mountkvik
2019-09-02x/mnt: fix sshfs not mounting itselfkvik
2019-08-28x/mnt: more robust handling of remounting an already posted sshfskvik
2019-08-28x/mnt: enable mounting multiple hosts at oncekvik
2019-08-06add x/vtkvik
2019-07-14add x/cdkvik
2019-06-23bullshit diff to force git to notice permission changekvik
2019-06-23manpage: fix the setup instructionskvik
2019-06-23don't try to install x/man yetkvik
2019-06-23x/path: improve manpagekvik
2019-06-23x/path: accept pathname as last argumentkvik
2019-06-23x/run: formattingkvik
2019-06-23manpage rewording, etc.kvik
2019-06-23x/mnt: check for empty loginkvik
2019-06-23x/mnt: mount the system suggested by path if given no args kvik
2019-06-22add x/mnt and x/runkvik
2019-06-22manpage workkvik
2019-06-22fix mkfile to install under x/ kvik
2019-06-21manpage additionskvik
2019-06-21kickstart a manual pagekvik
2019-06-21add mkfilekvik
2019-06-21init, add x/pathkvik