AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-20Forgotten mkfileHEADmasterkvik
2020-04-20Rearrange code in preparation for future workkvik
2020-04-20To avoid looping into itself due to its mountpoint being onekvik
2020-04-19Only default-mount if no -s or -m are givenkvik
2020-04-19Srv.nopipe is no longer necessarykvik
2020-02-18Axe unused code; qid map is forever, for now.kvik
2020-02-18Tidy up the Qid managementkvik
2020-02-17Update usage()kvik
2020-02-17Rework the manual pagekvik
2020-02-17Rename Fil -> Fkvik
2020-02-17Talk 9p on stdio with the -i flagkvik
2019-12-13Use error-checked strdup.kvik
2019-10-30cool uris don't changekvik
2019-10-30fix empty list checkkvik
2019-10-30sanity check the branch argumentskvik
2019-10-30let system mk rules handle the manpage installationkvik
2019-10-30consistent naming of types and functionskvik
2019-10-30dirread in chunks instead of all at once with dirreadallkvik
2019-10-30skip fthas() call for first branch as it is always falsekvik
2019-10-30implement hash table based directory readskvik
2019-10-30plug list head leakkvik
2019-10-30store directory contents in a dynamic array instead of a linked listkvik
2019-10-30simplify the union walk loopkvik
2019-10-30use cleanname(2) (through mkpath) to implement walking backwardskvik
2019-10-30fix walking backwardskvik
2019-10-30implement global Fil* rootkvik
2019-10-30fix double-free when filewalk returns the same filekvik
2019-10-30return the new file Qid in Rcreatekvik
2019-10-30fix fuckupskvik
2019-10-30missing bracekvik
2019-10-30remove LOG functionkvik
2019-10-30compress error checkskvik
2019-10-30implement shadow tree for file creationkvik
2019-10-30plug a leakkvik
2019-10-30error check smprint callkvik
2019-10-30add mkpath wrapper functionkvik
2019-10-30update manual page SOURCE sectionkvik
2019-10-30bikeshedding (tnx BurnZeZ)kvik
2019-10-30document -Mkvik
2019-10-30trim the manual page drivelkvik
2019-10-30revert back to having a default mtptkvik
2019-10-30mkfile: fix manual page installationkvik
2019-10-30add mk uninstall targetkvik
2019-10-30write manual pagekvik
2019-10-30update usage()kvik
2019-10-30remove default mount point and -M optionkvik
2019-10-30determine and return the iounit for the open filekvik
2019-10-30sort the switch caseskvik
2019-10-30add no mount flag (-M)kvik