AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-28Fix directory read serialization bottleneckHEADmasterkvik
2020-01-26Remove READMEkvik
2019-10-30cool uris don't changev1kvik
2019-10-30mkfile: *actually* install to /$objtype/bin; derp (thanks qwx)kvik
2019-10-30mk install to the system path (alas)kvik
2019-10-30fix manpage install targetkvik
2019-10-30update manual page SOURCE sectionkvik
2019-10-30take it, it's yourskvik
2019-10-30mkfile: install to $home/bin, as is Correctkvik
2019-10-30ricing the codekvik
2019-10-30fix double-freekvik
2019-10-30implement -T flag that disables the safe-modekvik
2019-10-30simplify nblk calculationkvik
2019-10-30fix not failing on errorkvik
2019-10-30implement robust cloud-scale format-agnostic parallel asynchronous ghost-copy...kvik
2019-10-30fix troff referenceskvik
2019-10-30correctly handle partial readskvik
2019-10-30fix the write error checkkvik
2019-10-30remove stupid mkfile rules. (thanks BurnZeZ)kvik
2019-10-30nicer exit on usage error. (thanks BurnZeZ)kvik
2019-10-30fix free of non-malloc'd pointerkvik
2019-10-30fix leaked fd in mkdirkvik
2019-10-30mkfile: actually fix manual page installkvik
2019-10-30mkfile: fix install to install man pagekvik
2019-10-30mkfile: cleanup, add release target. rename manpagekvik
2019-10-30README: huge page lengthkvik
2019-10-30graceful error handlingkvik
2019-10-30don't wakeup wgwait unless it can continuekvik
2019-10-30fix weird wg usagekvik
2019-10-30stop the Channel abuse, adopt mischief's WaitGroupskvik
2019-10-30actually rename the manpage filekvik
2019-10-30rename manpage file. add uninstall target to mkfilekvik
2019-10-30mkfile: install the manual page in /sys/mankvik
2019-10-30add manual pagekvik
2019-10-30force mkdir to always create a directorykvik
2019-10-30add %r to sysfatal messageskvik
2019-10-30properly handle cloning multiple files / dirs to a new directorykvik
2019-10-30reorder codekvik
2019-10-30mkfile: remove extra slashkvik
2019-10-30update usagekvik
2019-10-30replace homebrew sysfatal with - sysfatal...kvik
2019-10-30use dirfwstat instead of dirwstat in cloneattrkvik
2019-10-30accept multiple source files/dirskvik
2019-10-30add -g -u -x flags as in cp(1) and friendskvik
2019-10-30only dirs get forced write permissionkvik