AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-14sio: simplifyHEADmasterkvik
2020-05-14rm isattykvik
2020-05-14Replace isatty with iscons (simplified, more useful)kvik
2020-05-04Add a LICENSEkvik
2020-05-04w: default window is half the screen highkvik
2020-05-04untracked: gitup before tryingkvik
2020-05-04tty: use $monofont instead of hardcoded fontkvik
2020-05-04srvq: switch to aux/getflagskvik
2020-05-04c: add enum (-e) search optionkvik
2020-05-04c: switch argument parsing to aux/getflagskvik
2020-05-04bag: switch argument parsing to aux/getflagskvik
2020-04-19clear: fix usage, exit-on-errorkvik
2020-04-19clear: aux/getflagskvik
2020-04-19bag: use aux/getflagskvik
2020-04-19c+ c-: add rfork ekvik
2020-04-19c: don't search /sys/include by defaultkvik
2020-04-19c: parse flags with aux/getflags(8)kvik
2020-04-19Add untracked(1); shows untracked files in a git repokvik
2020-04-18Stylize titlekvik
2020-04-18Rename README -> README.mdkvik
2020-04-18vol: improve code readability by a bitkvik
2020-04-18hist: slightly parameterizekvik
2020-04-18ep: clear out backspaces from the inputkvik
2020-04-18c: match single-line function declarationskvik
2020-04-18bag: now comes with the tag; ramfs /tmp fixkvik
2020-02-22p(1): never used, remove itkvik
2020-02-22c(1): accept a search on stdinkvik
2020-02-22Add -p option for printing a mark; rearrange some codekvik
2020-02-22Add -e option to local(1) for changing the plumber environmentkvik
2020-02-22Make samv plumberlesskvik
2020-02-22Let w(1) take window size from the environmentkvik
2020-02-22Add bag(1)kvik
2020-02-15tty: use explicit monospace fontkvik
2020-02-15cc(1): deobfuscate and enable passing flags to compilerkvik
2020-02-15c(1): update to follow new sam $%dot variablekvik
2020-02-15Add secretz(1)kvik
2020-01-27c(1): recognize combined typedef-struct declarationskvik
2020-01-20add ws(1)kvik